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Jitsi MCU

running in test

Not running test server

Zoom MCU

At this moment there is a permeant zoom channel to connect the labs via video and audio. In the future we want to intergrade the video feature on the FMCU site using Zoom or Jitsi. While we are working on that let's make it a habit to connect to the ZMCU.

how to connect

  • Register or log into zoom
  • There is a pin to enter ask a friend in the Fab Lab Network.
  • meeting ID: 969-900-9392

Good practices

  • put information on camera where you are it can be a flag or name of the lab.
  • show your projects to camera when you finish something.
  • wave when you arrive in the lab.
  • wave when you leave the lab.
  • it's up to you if you leave it on or not when there's no activity in the lab.
  • Make it easy to connect by having a network station in the lab with clear info how to connect.


To enter the room you need a pin ask around and you will learn it. You will also need a requested account on zoom to join.