3d Scanning Tools and Tutorials

Short introduction to the main strategies for 3d scanning. Most of them are open source / freeware.

Mesh Editing Software



Download Netfabb Studio Basic link



Download Meshlab link



Download Meshmixer link

Meshmixer YouTube Chanel, videos on how to use Meshmixer with advanced tips and tricks

3DScanning with a Scanner: Microsoft Kinect

The Kinect is good for creating scans of large objects, like people. It is not good for capturing fine detail and may blur facial features slightly. You need a good graphics card to run ReconstructMe and a Microsoft Kinect.


Kinect Scanning Accessories

Scanning without a Scanner: 123D Catch

you can use your iPhone, iPad or regular digital camera. 123D Catch

Download / Access: 123D Catch

Video Tutorial - ReconstructMe Mesh Cleanup

This video tutorial is a little out of date now (there is a more concise / updated version of how to clean up these scans in Chapter 9 of Getting Started with MakerBot, but it is Tony Buser's seminal tutorial of how to clean up Reconstruct Me scans. It uses all of the mesh editing software above. It also feaures AS220 Labs member Matt Stultz.

Video Link

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